How can I support the people of Ukraine?
Date Uploaded: 
Wednesday 16th March 2022

Many people have been in touch to ask how we can support the people of Ukraine. Here are some ideas:

1. Donate. The best way aid agencies say we can support those in need is by donating money, not goods, to charities like World Jewish Relief:

2. Daven. We continue to pray for an end to the war and senseless bloodshed. Please join us in saying Tehillim, psalms, and the Chief Rabbi‘s prayer:

3. Learn. There are many trusted reporters providing accurate reports from Ukraine and the surrounding countries. You can also watch our briefing event:

4. Government sponsorship scheme. The government scheme should provide a tangible way to provide support for Ukrainians in need of shelter in the UK and the United Synagogue is supporting. See: We're also looking at the community sponsorship model through shuls and expect details from the government in the coming weeks.

[Updated 31/3/22 to reflect World Jewish Relief are no longer accepting offers of support for homes having received more than 1,500 offers.]