I Need a Prayer

I Need a Prayer
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Wednesday 11th December 2013

Prayer is one of the foundations of Judaism. It provides us with an opportunity through speech to connect with God, to express our prayers, thoughts, aspirations and the beliefs of Judaism in a tangible way. 

There are many times when we, or those close to us, are in need of a prayer. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the words that we need.  The siddur, the prayer book, therefore provides us with fixed prayer formats to give us the words we need for prayer, perhaps even inspiring us at times to think up our own prayers to add onto those we say from the siddur. 

In this section, we therefore provide a selection of prayers sourced from the siddur, mainly but not only for those occasions when we may experience vulnerability.

In addition, you may want your community to say a prayer for someone who is ill – a ‘misheberach’ (a blessing). When the Torah is read in our synagogues, a prayer is recited for specifically for people who are sick.  If you would like your community to say such a prayer for somebody, click here to find your community and email them.

I need someone to say Kaddish on my behalf. Click here to get in contact with your community rabbi.

Prayer is not only for difficult times. There are many times when people may want to say a prayer of thanks to God whether that be for the safe birth of a child, recovery from illness or prayer for thanksgiving.  We have included some prayers for these times below as well as the Prayer for going on a journey, the Shema and Grace after Meals.

Links and Downloads

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Prayer for recovery from illness

Prayer of thanksgiving after giving birth

Prayer of thanksgiving after illness

The Shema

Prayer for going on a journey

Grace after Meals

Other Blessings After Food