Our Rabbinate


The Rabbinical Council of the United Synagogue (RCUS) is the professional association of the United Synagogue Rabbinate. Its key objective is to support and promote the well-being and success of Rabbis and their families within their local Communities and across the US as a whole.

As well as representing the interests of Rabbis in conversations with the US Trustees and leading Head Office professional staff, we have also sought to support the personal and professional development of Rabbis and their families through a range of activities. These include an annual 2 - 3 day residential Conference and social events.

The RCUS has an elected organising committee which meets regularly (every five or six weeks) and consists of an Executive and Committee, totalling 11 Rabbis in number, plus a part-time, Assistant Executive Director, Rabbi Nick Kett. Our Rabbinate is committed to the core values of the US's mission and our Executive meets with the Chief Rabbi, the Dayanim of the London Beth Din and the US Chief Executive on a regular basis. 

RCUS Rabbis are also represented at meetings of the US Trustees and input to the majority of US working groups, including Tribe, Living & Learning, Community Division and the US Strategic Review. The RCUS is thus open and accessible, not only to every US Rabbi, but also to the lay leadership of our Communities. 

As the United Synagogue moves forward with a determined focus on becoming an ever more relevant and dynamic force in the life of the mainstream Anglo-Jewish Community, the RCUS is equally applying itself to the question of how Rabbis can best and most appropriately engage with new emerging opportunities. 

In this regard, the RCUS enjoys a particularly close working relationship with the Centre for Rabbinic Excellence. In so doing, we hope and anticipate that this joint co-operation will ensure career-long dynamism, sensitivity, integrity, compassion, effectiveness and professionalism among US Rabbis.

For all RCUS Enquiries please contact:

Rabbi Nick Kett 
Assistant Executive Director
Email: rabbikett@theus.org.uk


Rabbi Pinchas Hackenbroch
Email: rabbiph@woodsidepark.org.uk