Hospital Visiting

Hospital Visiting

Jewish Hospital Visiting - Caring for Jewish patients

The government recognises that there are patients of different religions in hospital who wish to be visited by a member of their faith. In the unfortunate event that a Jewish person is in hospital, the Jewish Hospital Visiting Service, co-ordinated by US Chesed, will arrange for trained chaplains and visitors from the Jewish community to pay them a visit.  

The United Synagogue is the overall synagogal organisation that administers these chaplains and visitors for the Jewish community in London and the Home Counties.

If you know of anyone in hospital who would appreciate a visit please be in touch with us, as this is the only way we will know if they are in hospital. Hospitals no longer supply lists of patients who are Jewish (in order to comply with data protection requirements) so – if we do not know a patient is in hospital, they may miss out on a visit.

Jewish Visiting is very happy to share with you the names of those hospitals in and around London where there is a Jewish Chaplain. All of the chaplains are part-time, many are volunteers, so may not be able to make an immediate visit. If you experience any difficulties, please telephone our Chesed Line on 020 8343 5696 during office hours, 9am–5pm Monday to Thursday or 9am–3pm on Fridays (1pm during the winter). In an emergency please telephone Senior Hospital Rabbi Stanley Coten on 07776 516027.

Click here for a full list of all hospitals and the Chaplaincy contact numbers.

Alternatively you can email Jewish Visiting at: