A mikva is a pool of natural water designed specifically for immersion, according to the rules and customs of Jewish law. It contains about 750 litres of water.

Water is the primary source of all living things and has the power to purify, to restore and replenish life. A mikva must be filled with living waters from a flowing source that has never been dormant, such as fresh spring water, rainwater or even melted snow. The water is kept under strict hygienic control, cleaned daily and chlorinated.

To find your nearest mikva, please use the search feature below. Underneath the map you can see a list of mikvaot (plural of mikva) which we have put together. Please note the United Synagogue does not manage or maintain any mikvaot directly. To update any details or to add another mikva, please email us at mikva@theus.org.uk.

For further information about the use of mikva in the context of marriage please see the Marriage Enhancement Programme.

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