A growing number of parents choose Jewish schools for their children. Indeed, we believe that the majority of Jewish children in the London area now attend a Jewish school. This is because they provide a warm and caring Jewish environment where their children will receive a solid foundation in Jewish knowledge and practice, together with a love of Israel. In addition to the high standards of secular education, all maintained schools (funded by the Government through local authorities) teach the entire National Curriculum and have wonderful modern facilities, providing outstanding environments and the best possible opportunities for learning.

The United Synagogue serves its members and the wider community by acting as the foundation body for 11 Jewish schools in Greater London. It works on behalf of the schools with government departments and agencies; channelling information between central and local government and most Jewish schools; offering training programmes for Foundation Governors of United Synagogue schools and organising training and advisory seminars for Jewish school governors.

For further information please contact: Tamar Berman at tberman@theus.org.uk

Competition for a place at a Jewish school is always strong. This is because as well as achieving excellent results in exams and an extremely high standard of education, Jewish schools also instil a deep-rooted sense of moral guidance. This is true too of the schools in the United Synagogue ‘family’.

Schools in the ‘US family’ combine teaching the National Curriculum with a tailor-made Jewish Studies curriculum to ensure that students can engage with the modern world, whilst at the same time learn about and gain a good knowledge and love of their religion.

Most of our primary schools have nurseries (Early Years Units) attached to them, but admission to the reception classes for those at the nursery cannot, by law, be guaranteed. Almost all have either been built within the last few years or have been substantially redeveloped so that they boast some of the most up to date facilities in their areas, with computer suites, interactive whiteboards and a host of other technologically advanced hardware.

As our schools are voluntary aided, all secular teaching costs are paid for by the government. However, Jewish Studies (including Hebrew) are funded by parental voluntary contributions, as are some additional security and other costs. These vary from school to school and are dealt with by each school separately. All the United Synagogue primary schools cooperate in a number of ways, sharing ‘best practice’ and developing innovative programmes, particularly in dealing with the multicultural society in which we live.

For a contact list of all US schools and other schools under the religious authority of the Office of the Chief Rabbi, please view the section below.

Primary Schools

Primary schools which have the United Synagogue as its foundation body:

Mathilda-Marks-Kennedy School
Location: Mill Hill
Phone: 020 8959 6089
Email: office@mmks.barnetmail.sch.uk
Website: www.mathildamarks.com


Rosh Pinah Jewish Primary School
Location: Edgware
Phone: 020 8958 8599
Email: office@rpps.org.uk
Website: www.rpps.org.uk


Sinai Jewish Primary School
Location: Kenton
Phone: 020 8204 1550
Email: admin@sinai.brent.sch.uk
Website: www.sinaischool.com


Simon Marks Jewish Primary School
Location: Stoke Newington
Phone: 020 8806 6048
Email: info@simonmarks.hackney.sch.uk
Website: www.simonmarks.hackney.sch.uk


Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School
Location: Ilford
Phone: 020 8498 1350
Email: admin@ijpsonline.co.uk
Website: www.ijpsonline.co.uk 

Jewish Community Academy Trust Schools which are supported by the United Synagogue:

Hertsmere Jewish Primary School
Location: Radlett
Phone: 01923 855857
Email: admin@hjps.herts.sch.uk
Website: www.hjps.herts.sch.uk


Sacks Morasha Jewish Primary School
Location: Finchley
Phone: 020 3115 1900
Email:  office.administrator@morashajps.org.uk
Website: sacksmorasha.org.uk


Wolfson Hillel Primary School
Location: Southgate
Phone: 020 8882 6487
Email: schooloffice@wolfsonhillel.enfield.sch.uk
Website: www.wolfsonhillel.enfield.sch.uk


Rimon Jewish Primary School
Location: Golders Green
Phone: 020 8209 1805
Email: office@rimonschool.org.uk

Website: www.rimonschool.org.uk

Primary Schools under the religious authority of the Office of the Chief Rabbi:


Brodetsky Jewish Primary School 
Location: Leeds
Phone: 0113 293 0578
Email:  info@brodestsky.org
Website:  brodetsky.org


Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox Primary School

Location: Salford
Phone: 0161 529 1000
Email: admin@bjcfps.salford.sch.uk
Website: bjcfps.co.uk


Calderwood Lodge

Location: Glasgow
Phone: 0141 5707060
Email: schoolmail@calderwoodlodge.e-renfrew.sch.uk
Website: blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/er/CalderwoodLodge/


Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School
Location: Mill Hill
Phone: 020 8906 2983
Email: admin@etzchaim-primaryschool.org.uk
Website: www.etzchaim-primaryschool.org.uk


Gesher Primary School

Location: Pinner
Phone: 020 7884 5102
Email: admin@gesherschool.com
Website: gesherschool.com


Independent Jewish Day School

Location: Hendon
Phone: 0208 203 2299
Email: office@ijds.co.uk
Website: www.ijds.co.uk


Immanuel College Preparatory School
Location: Bushey
Phone: 020 8950 0604
Email: enquiries@immanuel.herts.sch.uk
Website: www.immanuelcollege.co.uk


Kerem School
Location: Hampstead Garden Suburb United Synagogue
Phone: 020 8455 0909
Email: admin@keremschool.co.uk
Website: www.keremschool.co.uk


King David Primary School
Location: Manchester
Phone: 0161 741 5090
Email: admin@kdprimary.co.uk
Website: www.kingdavidprimary.manchester.sch.uk


King David Primary School
Location: Liverpool
Phone: 0151 235 1420
Email:  primaryoffice@kingdavidliverpool.co.uk
Website: www.kingdavidprimary.co.uk


Leeds Jewish Free School

Location: Leeds
Phone: 0113 269 3176
Email: admin@ljfs.org
Website: www.ljfs.org


North Cheshire Jewish Primary School
Location: Cheadle
Phone: 0161 282 4500
Email: headteacher@northcheshire.stockport.sch.uk
Website: www.ncjps.org.uk


North West London Jewish Day School
Location: Willesden
Phone: 020 8459 3378
Email: admin@nwljds.org.uk
Website: www.nwljds.org.uk


Shalom Noam Primary School

Location: Burnt Oak
Phone: 020 8908 9491
Email: office@shalomnoam.org
Website: www.shalomnoam.org


Yavneh Primary School

Location: Borehamwood
Phone: 020 8736 5580
Email: admin@yavnehprimary.org
Website: www.yavnehprimary.org

Secondary Schools

Secondary schools which have the United Synagogue as its foundation body:

Location: Kenton
Phone: 020 8206 3100
Email: admin@jfs.brent.sch.uk
Website: www.jfs.brent.sch.uk


King Solomon High School
Location: Ilford
Phone: 020 8498 1300
Email: info@kshonline.com
Website: www.kshsonline.com


Secondary Schools under the religious authority of the Office of the Chief Rabbi:


Immanuel College
Location: Bushey
Phone: 020 8950 0604
Email: enquiries@immanuel.herts.sch.uk
Website: www.immanuelcollege.co.uk


King David High School
Location: Liverpool
Phone: 0151 235 1420
Email:  office@kingdavidliverpool.co.uk
Website: www.kingdavidliverpool.co.uk


King David High School
Location: Manchester
Phone: 0161 740 7248
Email: admin@kingdavidhigh.manchester.sch.uk
Website: www.kdhs.org.uk


Yavneh College
Location: Borehamwood
Phone: 020 8736 5580
Email: admin@yavnehcollegue.herts.sch.uk
Website: yavnehcollege.org

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