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The US: 150 Years of Service


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The United Synagogue, established by Act of Parliament in 1870, is the bedrock of the Anglo Jewish community. The US: 150 Years of Service, provides a fascinating glimpse into how it saw the great events of the day over its 150 years of existence, as it marked key events such as births, memorials, wars and Jubilees with services of thanksgiving, intercession and celebration.

Now, Professor David Latchman CBE, the renowned British geneticist, university leader and chair of the Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation, has opened his unique collection of Judaica to shed light on these events.

The US: 150 Years of Service reveals the community in a way which has never been seen in its entirety before – as a reference volume or just a delight to read and reflect on a century and a half of the United Synagogue and its unique position in British society.

Print length: 144 pages
Publication date: 27 January 2021
Dimensions: 29.85 x 2.03 x 20.96 cm

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