KLBD’s Pesach statistics

KLBD had a busy Pesach period, working hard to ensure plenty of Kosher for Pesach options were available for all. Here are some of their impressive statistics:

KLBD Listing
A total of 3240 products listed on Passover Isitkosher, including Foods, Cleaning Products, Paperware & Disposables, Cosmetics, Pet Food and Medicines

KLBD Licensees (all need kashering and extra supervision)
5 KLBD licensed Cooked Food Establishments
2 KLBD supervised Online supermarkets
11 KLBD Pesach licensed kosher supermarkets
4 Care homes
1 KLBD Pesach licensed Bakery
2 Fishmongers
2 Restaurants (one in Brighton)
4 bulk veg washing and checking stations were working flat out to ensure a supply of Maror for the community

Special Pesach Productions
Ground Nuts
Nut butters

Enquiries to KLBD over the Pesach Period
390 Facebook posts and messages
480 Emails
200 Phonecalls

27,440 visits, from approximately 13,479 distinct users

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