A weekend of support and solidarity for Israel

On March 9th following the Shabbat Service, an Israel-themed Kiddush was enjoyed by all our members.

The next day, Sunday, we gathered for coffee and cake to join with Clive Hart in Sderot, a son of the Community (his Mum, Barbara was with us) via a video link.

Prior to our session with Clive, a short video was shown, sent by Clive, of the horrendous events in Sderot on October 7th. We Jews carry many tragic stories of our past and now there is another never to be forgotten one to add to that dreadful list.

Many questions were put to Clive and opinions shared and all present felt it had been immensely worthwhile to have had an up to date and personal account from someone on the spot. We were extremely grateful to Clive for having agreed to do this for us.

There is only one thing to say: Am Yisrael Chai.

By Brenda Hyman

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