An evening to celebrate Rosh Chodesh Adar II

Last Tuesday evening, Kenton members had the opportunity to make masks for Purim. Led by Judie Finesilver, who had done a tremendous amount of preparation in advance, members learnt how to adorn already made up ribboned masks with strikingly colourful feathers, different sized flowers and shapes with a variety of beading.

There was also a choice of large feathers and other accoutrements which could be attached to the different colours of masks with the aid of glue and small plastic clamps. When everyone had completed their masks a group photo was taken to demonstrate the wide choice of artistic endeavours.

Following this, members then had an opportunity to have tea and coffee together with delicious hamentaschen that had been specially baked by Rebbetzin Black. Irene Leeman gave a very interesting D’var Torah on the topic of Purim and hidden meaning behind some of the subjects mentioned in the Megillah.

This was followed by a cookery presentation given by Rebbetzin Black on making hamentaschen using different fillings such as jam, date or chocolate. Everyone had a opportunity to make a hamentaschen choosing their own favourite filling and then shaping the pastry. Members were then able to take them home in small foil tins to bake them in their own ovens.

Those who attended were delighted to have had such an interesting and relaxing evening.

By Rachelle Goldberg

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