Central host Megillah readings and Jewsical concert

In conjunction with New West End Synagogue, Central Synagogue had the pleasure of hosting two Megillah readings over Purim and the concert on Saturday evening entitled ‘Anything You Can Jew’, a new production the brainchild of New West End Synagogue Chazan Marc Joseph. Performing were members from both synagogues including, from Central, Chazan Stephen Leas and Council member Jonathan Metliss.

Each Megillah reading on Saturday evening and Sunday morning was followed by sumptuous food and refreshments supplied by Central’s catering team.

To an audience of more than 150 congregants from both synagogues and guests, the Jewsical concert comprised a medley of hits from West End shows with Jewish themed lyrics written by Marc Joseph, leader of the choir.

Chairman of Central, Mervyn Druian, said: “We at Central were delighted to host the Megillah readings and the concert which was so much fun and thoroughly entertained the captivated audience. Mazeltov and congratulations to all who made the Saturday evening so special in particular to Marc Joseph with his outstanding astute and hilarious lyrics.”

Central Synagogue has embarked on an active programme of cultural events of Jewish content in its Talks of Interest and Kiddush Talks series.

For more information of what is happening at Central Synagogue and on the Jewsical concert, please go to www.centralsynagogue.org.uk

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