Enfield’s Megillah reading on the bus

Enfield United Synagogue wanted to engage our members to some, if not all of the 4 mitzvot of Purim in a joyous and exciting way.

We came up with the idea of coming together for a festive seuda meal which would enable to include also the performance of the other mitzvot.
We booked the Aviv restaurant for the community seuda, and during the course of the meal there was an opportunity to exchange Mishloach Manot.

People were told in advance to bring money to fulfil Matonot L’Evyonim for which we placed a charity box on the table.

We booked transport from Enfield Synagogue to the restaurant. The long journey took enough time to have a beautiful megillah reading on board.
This unique touch was enjoyed and appreciated by all.

By Tzipporah Sufrin

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