Fruit cutting demonstration to celebrate Tu B’Shevat

Last Tuesday Kenton Synagogue invited Miri Mehlr from Froot Hendon to demonstrate the art of cutting fruit, in creating patterns, shapes and flowers to make a fruit platter look exceptional.
Taking a melon and taking the skin off the fruit to get the correct shape before cutting it and removing the pips and then scoring it with a peeler. Miri showed how easy it was to create a shape which started off the fruit platter taking two segments and then binding them around with further segments and a cocktail stick holding the shape in place.
Finally, she then removed extra melon from the shape underneath and any part of the cocktail stick that was sticking out. Miri had created a beautiful rose. She then took a kiwi fruit and using her knife very skilfully shaped the top. Likewise with strawberries and the control of the knife was able to create a perfect flower. Similar shaping was done to a pineapple.
The fruit platter was then enhanced with black and green grapes. The skill requires getting the correct knives to use and precision in the fine control of cutting. One or members picked up courage to try shaping various fruit but others declined in order to attempt this in the privacy of their own kitchen. Miri made it seem so effortless and members were captivated by her skill. Refreshments were provided by Rebbetzin Black who had made a delicious cake for the occasion.
The evening proved to be thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing.

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