Wembley Shul members once again joined with residents of Brent in attending on Thursday, January 25th, the annual Brent Holocaust Memorial event arranged and hosted by Brent Council at the Civic Centre.
The agenda included many special guests including Sophie Musabe, a survivor of the Rwanda holocaust, who recounted her painful, personal story which went from terror and near-death to a happy and triumphant ending.
A most moving and excellent video depicting the life of Holocaust Survivor, Ivor Perl, BEM, was shown. The video had been made and narrated by his granddaughter, Lia Bratt, and her love and empathy for her Grandfather was tangible.
This was followed by an interview with Ivor conducted by Wembley Shul`s Chairman, Charles Vitez, himself the child of Holocaust survivors. We could only listen with awe and respect to 91 year old Ivor, whose wisdom and belief in love, faith and humanity had, in no way, been affected by his horrific past as a 12 year old boy in Auschwitz.
The singing of the London Cantorial Choir and speeches by Rabbi Dr. Frank Dabba Smith and Olivia Marks Woldman, OBE, added further highlights to the evening as well as an Exhibition of archival material depicting the first hostel and other facilities opened for refugee children of the Holocaust in Willesden.
It was an exceptional evening of Remembrance and one we will certainly remember.

By Brenda Hyman

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