Last weekend, Kinloss put on an action-packed Family Shabbaton. The fun started on Thursday night when five brave community members put themselves forward to cook a cholent for the Kinloss Cholent Cook Off. Each cholent was cooked by a representative of a different Kinloss minyan in a ‘Battle of the Minyanim’. The Cholents were tasted by the community after davening on Friday night and votes were cast for the best cholent.
On Shabbat morning, the service was graced by the Children’s Service Choirs. The different children’s services had spent the last few weeks learning Eitz Chayim (Years 3-6) and Adon Olam (0 – Year 2). These were performed exceptionally well and provided lots of Nachat for the parents watching.
The Shabbaton lunch saw 230 people come together for to hear guest speaker Ross Kriel, who we were delighted to welcome from Dubai. Ross is the President of the Jewish Council of the UAE and fascinated guests with his thought-provoking insights on the role the UAE is playing in the future of Israel and the Jewish people. The youth and children enjoyed parallel programmes while Ross was speaking, and great fun was had by all.

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