Paint Party to Celebrate Rosh Chodesh Tevet

To celebrate the new month of Tevet, Kenton Synagogue were delighted to have ShuShu and Avigayil Black lead a Paint Party. The couple are outstanding painters in their own right and have undertaken numerous projects and several recent projects they have undertaken together.

ShuShu and Avigayil to begin with spoke of the use of acrylic paints, the advantages of using those rather than water colours, the varied shapes and weight of brushes to enable control and variety of brush strokes. Each attendee was provided with an easel and canvas and work then started in earnest. The subject chosen was Sunset on Lake Tiberias.

The tutors guided members through the various stages making suggestions for developing and mixing colours for a lighter and darker density. The standard of the members’ painting expertise varied, but the point of the evening was to develop one’s skills and have an enjoyable and relaxing time. Some members had clearly done painting as a hobby but others were challenging themselves for the first time.

ShuShu and Avigayil gave personal attention to each of the attendees, giving helpful hints and positive comments. Refreshments were provided to give energy and inspiration! The evening proved to be very therapeutic and so successful that members requested ShuShu and Avigayil’s return.

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