Rabbi Gedalia Zweig’s speaking tour

Rabbi Gedalia Zweig of Toronto has just concluded a busy speaking tour. He visited the Allerton Congregation In Liverpool, Northwood United Synagogue and Ruislip United Synagogue and spoke to each community about his latest book Kaddish Around the World, Stories from 18 Countries. It is a sequel to his first book Living Kaddish. His book is available on Amazon.

“I wrote the book to uplift a mourner through 11 months of Kaddish. Furthermore, Kaddish is a good way to get people back involved in the community. It’s for all sectors of the Jewish community.” he said.

Rabbi Stanley Coten of Ruislip Synagogue said that Rabbi Zweig really engaged the Ruislip community and motivated them on the need to say kaddish, not only when in mourning but at Yahrzeits too. He also highlighted the importance of congregational prayer in Judaism.

He answered a wide range of questions, such as ‘Why do we need a Minyan to say Kaddish?’ and ‘Why can’t a person say Kaddish by themselves?’ Rabbi Zweig explained that Kaddish is such a holy prayer that it is only said among a congregation. It is the congregation which brings extra spiritual energy when it is formed. He said it was far sighted of the rabbis to stress the need to be in a community to say kaddish, as it means a mourner attending shul will never be forgotten.

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