Shabbat to remember Stuart Hart z”l

It was an emotional Shabbat in Wembley on June 8th, when we remembered our incredible leader, Stuart Hart, z.l. who is still so sorely missed by us all.

It was wonderful to have all the Hart family with us, including Stuart`s wife, Barbara who is still active in the Shul.
Special prayers were said as the new Bimah was consecrated in Stuart`s name.

Members of the family led the service and we all knew how proud Stuart would have been and Barbara certainly was to see their family so involved.
At the Luncheon which followed the service, sponsored by the family and to which the entire community was invited, warm and loving words were spoken of Stuart, but the most important of all were the words of his granddaughter, which moved every one of us.

Stuart Hart will never be forgotten.

By Brenda Hyman

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