Rabbi Toby & Bracha Weiniger led an inspirational Paris Shabbaton for teenagers in non-Jewish schools over the last weekend.

Hosted by Grande Synagogue of Paris Chief Rabbi Rabbi Moshe Sebbag and Chabad Champs Elysées, the group experienced an uplifting and positive Shabbat experience filled with singing, unity, delicious meals, leadership roles in the services, and the building of our Jewish identities.

Rabbi Toby led a guided walking tour of Paris’ major landmarks on Shabbat afternoon, revealing Jewish history and connection to each location. The climax was Havdalah at the lit-up Eiffel Tour at midnight, along with our amazing activities like the escape room, and arcade. At times of rising antisemitism across Europe, we emerged strengthened with an understanding that the best way to fight it is to increase our own Jewish self-esteem and pride.

Freddy Plant, 16, said “It was amazing seeing people who go to shul irregularly engaging and getting involved. It strengthens my connection to Judaism seeing people enjoy it as it encourages them to participate in more activities and go to shul more regularly.”

11 July 2024

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