The Kenton Community celebrate Lag B’Omer

Members were delighted to be invited to the home of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Black. Some fifty people seated in their garden around a bonfire were treated to a fabulous three course meal, prepared and cooked by Rebbetzin Black with social interaction, learning and communal singing.

Showers interspersed with sunshine provided not to be a deterrent for some members as they were determined not to leave their seats, whilst others got macks and jackets to prevent them from getting wet and finding paper hankies to mop up the wet seats.

Rabbi Black together with Rabbi Menasche Scharf spoke of the traditions of Lag B’Omer as well as the customs, also giving reference to Rabbi Akiva and the Bar Kochba rebellion. Attention was given to one of Rabbi Akiva’s few disciples who had survived the rebellion Rabbi Simeon bar Yohai, the reason why we celebrate the Chag.

Rabbi Scharf then demonstrated his bow and arrow technique. Thoughts were given to Israel, the hostages and their plight as well as the citizens who are still displaced from their homes. Lively, enthusiastic singing followed led by Rabbi Scharf leader of the Travelling Chasidim, Rabbi Black and latterly Robert Brody accompanied by Yossi the keyboard player.

The bonfire was constantly being replenished by various people. As members gradually and reluctantly departed, all agreed what a fabulous evening it had been.

By Rachelle Goldberg

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