Shabbat lunch for those alone on Shabbat

Cockfosters & N Southgate shul recently held their first Shabbat lunch as part of an initiative created for those attending shul by themselves.

Two members of the community, Marilyn Stein and Marilyn Davis, thought of the idea after noticing that some people who were leaving shul after the service concluded were returning home to eat alone. They decided to approach Rabbi and Rebbetzen Shindler to put the idea into action.

A menu was put together, the event was advertised to members, and the event was then ready to go ahead. The Shabbat lunch was attended by 28 people.

Marilyn Stein said: “Those who attend shul on their own leave after the Shabbat service and we thought they might like to eat together with others, especially in the summer months. The lunch was a success – there was a lovely atmosphere in the shul hall and people were pleased with the company and food. We hope to repeat this event soon.”

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