Wembley celebrate first anniversary of new home

In these dark days, it is always good to have something to celebrate and that is exactly what Wembley did on Shabbat, which is totally in keeping with the instruction to increase our joy in the month of Adar.
It was the first anniversary of the move into our new home – and it really does feel like home to us now. The parsha on Shabbat was Terumah and Daryl Luder, who led the Service pointed out how apt it was as it tells of Hashem`s first ever instruction to build Him a Sanctuary.

Chairman, Charles Vitez, raised the toast of ‘Happy Birthday’ and coupled it with a second toast, this time to Roy Emanuel who serves our Community so selflessly as indeed he does for the wider Jewish Community through his work for Chesed. He, of course, was recognised for this at the recent JVN Awards.
How lucky we are to have our beautiful new building and wonderful people like Roy with which to share it!

We now look forward to our next event. We have designated March 9th and 10th as a ‘Stand By Israel’ weekend. On On Shabbat, the Service will be followed by an Israel-themed Kiddush. On Sunday, at 10.30, there will be a Coffee Morning. We will be privileged to join with Clive Hart, via a video link, in Sderot, Israel. Clive is a son of our community and he will give us an on the spot opinion of the current situation in Israel. Many will have seen and heard him on TV and radio.

All are welcome and if you wish to join us please contact our Administrator, Sheila Braude, office@wembleysynagogue.org.uk. Admission is free.

By Brenda Hyman

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