Israel: How you can help

Israel is in our thoughts and prayers. Here are a range of ways you can support the people of Israel.

1. Come to shul. Our shuls are saying extra prayers for Israel and standing in solidarity with our people.

2. Donate. Many Israel charities have launched emergency appeals. Please consider donating at this difficult time.

Many charities are running emergency campaigns for Israel. Please consider donating at this difficult time. If you work for a charity with an appeal you would like us to promote, please email us via and we will be happy to share your important campaign.

Donations will not only aid in the physical and emotional rehabilitation of those affected but will also send a powerful message, that we, as a community, stand united against the forces that seek to harm us.

The town of Qiryat Gat, where BBUK has been supporting a food bank and distribution centre for over 20 years, has been hit by multiple rocket attacks. All schools are closed, fathers have been drafted, mothers are now in essential services, children are being cared for at special emergency centres. BBUK will be providing funds to buy specific aid that is now urgently required by the community. All donations will be passed to the Qiryat Gat Foundation.

Running a fundraiser for families evacuated from Southern Israel to Netanya. Volunteers on the ground will source and distribute emergency supplies.

At all our children’s homes, life has been turned upside down. School has been cancelled and many of the staff have been mobilised for army service. There is an immediate need for extra staff and for activities to occupy and engage the children.

The world’s largest fortified underground hospital is being prepared at Rambam Care Campus in Haifa. As the only Level 1 Trauma Centre in Northern Israel, Rambam is now treating wounded IDF soldiers and civilians. They need our support to maintain medical supplies and equipment for the people of Israel.

Emergency funds are needed NOW to assist with the needs of those injured and the hundreds that will need our support in the coming months and years. In the coming days digital and medical equipment will need to be purchased to be handed out to the wounded.

Dror Israel is providing educators, staff, materials and other resources – whatever it takes – to meet the needs of traumatised children and families in communities still under attack, for as long as needed.

Ezrat Achim are supporting displaced families from the South of Israel who have taken refuge in Bet Shemesh and Ramat Bet Shemesh. They now need to make 2,500 meals a day. The charity does not have the funds to sustain this and are looking for help. The meals are just one example of the many ways the charity is helping the people of Israel.

Following the attack on Israel’s southern border with Gaza, critically ill patients, some of the most challenging cases, are being flown to Hadassah Hospital for urgent treatment.

Providing unwavering support to the brave families left behind by our heroes. Donations will ensure that these widows and orphans receive the care, education and opportunities they deserve.

All donations will be distributed to Israeli charities offering relief services, welfare, equipment, food and other necessities to the victims of the war and their families. The funds will be distributed through a public committee including Elyezer Shkedi (Former Air Force Commander) and Natan Sharansky.

JNF is already providing immediate support with providing emergency funds to rescued families, critical bomb shelter renovation, supportive household packs and emergency housing for a handful of the hardest hit, evacuated families.

Kaplan Medical Center, located in Rehovot just outside Israel, was founded in 1953 and serves 1,000,000 Israeli citizens. A key hospital treating both military and civilian casualties of the October 7th massacre, Kaplan Medical Center is in critical need of funds to support its lifesaving efforts in the months ahead.

Continuing to support families raising a child with severe difficulties in Israel’s south.

Alumim is a religious community very near Gaza, set up by Bnei Akiva members in 1966. It suffered tremendous damage on 7th October and is raising funds to rebuild the community and reinforce its security and resilience.

Through La’Bayit Gifts, we’ve created a Gift List/Registry project to help at-risk single moms from the South who were evacuated from their homes along with their small children. These women, who are generally neglected by society in “normal times”, are in major crisis mode right now, and aren’t the type of people to understand how to gain access to all of the donations flowing into Israel.

Providing food to those under siege in Israel.

In the current security situation, MDA regions are at the highest level of alert, staffing 100% of their life-saving vehicles 24/7, ready to respond in any given minute.

Manna food centres across Israel are working overtime to provide for those whose lives have been turned upside down. They provide essential food, shelter and support to those who need it most. They are also, with an army of volunteers, preparing 1000s of hot meals and care packages for soldiers in Southern Israel.

This emergency relief effort represents our significant commitment to helping relocate and protecting over 2,000 people, including families, babies, children and the elderly, who have survived the recent massacres. Families from communities and kibbutzim bordering with Gaza are being moved to Jerusalem.  This fund will offer them much-needed clothing, shelter, food, transportation, grief counselling, trauma therapy, childcare and hot meals.

MyIsrael connects donors with small but important causes in Israel which would otherwise go unseen. They are now running an emergency appeal in response to the sudden and devastating attack on Israel. Read about the ‘support for the children of Sderot’ page here.

Natal offers assistance to all those needing help them cope with trauma. Their helplines are currently overwhelmed with thousands of calls – we need your help to continue to provide emotional and mental health assistance to the many in need.

Providing urgent educational and psychological support for students, teachers and their families across Israel, including mental health support, community engagement, educational outreach, staff and student support, teacher training and safety measures in their projects.

Shaare Zedek Medical Centre, Jerusalem, has been treating a number of patients who have been evacuated from hospitals in the south, as well as those who have been injured by rocket attacks in the Jerusalem area. The hospital are preparing to move patients to areas within the hospital that are safe from a missile attack, whilst preparing additional ICU treatment areas which will require new equipment.  There is also an immediate need for additional imaging and monitoring equipment throughout the hospital.

Shalva has begun mobilizing all our resources to receive hundreds of individuals who have been evacuated from southern Israel along the Gaza border to the Shalva National Crisis Response Center where they will not only be safe, but will also receive the physical and emotional care they so desperately need. We anticipate that these individuals will arrive with nothing and are therefore committed to ensuring that they have the clothing, medications and supplies they need, while also providing them with the social service support they require to process the recent trauma.

Technion has established an Emergency Student Support Fund to ensure that it will be able to protect its students and facilities during this time. Funds raised will be directed towards two main areas: student support & emergency support for the campus.

The foundation is providing support for bereaved families, essential workers and soldiers, including by providing childcare, psychological support, and food deliveries; therapeutic art workshops for children evacuated from the south or whose parents have been mobilized with the military; support for isolated elderly including the 600 Holocaust Survivors in Jerusalem currently unable to leave their homes and are in need of care.

UJIA is funding critical support to families and individuals whose homes were directly hit and providing trauma therapy to the many families and individuals affected in the south.

United Hatzalah medics are on the front line and in need of support and reinforcements as they respond to lifesaving calls. This emergency appeal is raising funds for desperately needed supplies to provide their volunteers with the equipment needed to save lives and protective equipment to keep themselves safe.

Wizo is providing the following ongoing needs: emergency supplies and food vouchers for vulnerable communities; critical supplies for bomb shelters; two large mobile bomb shelters for one of our youth villages; psychological support, trauma management and grief counselling; additional staff at emergency centres and shelters, and so much more.

Youth Aliya is raising money for staff (replacing those that have been called up), activities to keep children busy, and additional therapeutic service and security.

3. Pray. Please join us in reciting some prayers for the healing of the wounded, the comforting of those tragically bereaved, the swift rescue of those taken captive and protection from further violence.

Please join us in reciting some prayers for the healing of the wounded, the comforting of those tragically bereaved, the swift rescue of those taken captive and protection from further violence.

The Chief Rabbi has composed a new prayer for Israel which you can read here.

Psalm 121 is associated with the prayers of our patriarch Yaakov, Jacob, for God’s protection from the wrath of his brother Esav, Esau.

Psalm 122 is attributed to King David and expresses his longing for peace and sanctity in Jerusalem as a place where all will worship God.

The Prayer for the State of Israel is recited each Shabbat in our services. In particular, we focus on its request for peace.

You may also like to read the Prayer for those being held in captivity.

The list of fallen soldiers can be found by clicking here.

And finally, Acheinu is recited in our morning prayers on Mondays and Thursday, in which we ask God to look after us wherever we are.

4. Learn. Learn something in memory of those murdered and in the merit of those injured. See what learning is happening in your community or speak to your rabbi or rebbetzen.

5. Attend an event in one of our shuls. Many of our shuls are hosting events. You can find the full list of all shul events coming up by clicking here.

6. Look at our social media channels. We will be posting uplifting content about the crisis on our social media feeds. You can follow us on TwitterFacebookInstagram and LinkedIn. Our younger members can also see the content which will be posted by Tribe on their TwitterFacebook and Instagram channels.

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