Next generation of Kallah tutors graduate, ready to inspire future Jewish homes

The United Synagogue’s Marriage Enhancement Programme (MEP) recently celebrated the graduation for the latest Kallah (bride) Tutor Training Course. Around 100 people came together at South Hampstead United Synagogue, to celebrate the achievement of the 60 knowledgeable and passionate women who participated in this 14-week course.

At least 300 Jewish couples per year, from a wide range of backgrounds learn with one of MEP’s expert and caring volunteer tutors. Over the last 30 years of MEP, thousands of homes have been positively impacted through engaged couples learning about the Torah’s perspectives on marriage, intimacy and the mitzvah of mikvah. These recent graduates are the next Generation in this link and will, no doubt, go on to make an impact on countless future Jewish homes.

The opportunity to learn with a tutor is offered to all couples before their wedding, including those living here but marrying abroad, and is also open to those who may wish to learn more afterwards also.

Course participants hailed from around the UK, including London, Birmingham, Manchester and Westcliff, as well as those from abroad who joined via Zoom, from Israel, Belgium and Gibraltar.

The course ran from February to July 2023, with an incomparable and electric atmosphere each week. The graduation, which was initially planned for October was delayed due to the war in Israel, included speeches from the Chief Rabbi, MEP Directors Rebbetzen Jacqueline Feldman and Rebbetzen Lauren Levin, Chief Executive of the United Synagogue Jo Grose and Course Graduate Liora Deal.

The course was designed and taught by Rebbetzen Jacqueline Feldman of Bushey United Synagogue, and Yoetzet Halacha and Rebbetzen Lauren Levin of South Hampstead United Synagogue, under the direction of the Chief Rabbi and London Bet Din.

It covered all the topics needed for the Kallah Tutors to teach today’s brides about Jewish marriage and relationships, with in depth understanding of the laws of Taharat HaMishpacha (Family Purity) and Mikvah, including traditional sources as well as modern medical and psychological resources. In order to qualify, the course participants had to complete a rigorous assessment process which included practical role playing.

Participant Liora Deal said: “It was a truly amazing course! I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate and I look forward to teaching brides. I left each session feeling inspired and found every session to be very well planned and presented. It was really a privilege to take part.”

Chief Executive of the United Synagogue Jo Grose said, “the United Synagogue prioritises young adult engagement, development of female education and leadership … and this [course] basically embodies everything we want to achieve”.

Fellow graduate of the course Chana Mansoor said: “I feel very privileged to have been included and very much inspired by the graduation.”

Simcha Vegoda, Marriage Enhancement Programme Manager at the United Synagogue, said: “It has been an honour to contribute to the United Synagogue’s Kallah Tutor Training Course. I have personally gained inspiration from Rebbetzen Lauren Levin and Rebbetzen Jacqueline Feldman’s teaching. I am a bit jealous of the brides who are going to be taught by our new tutors who are a simply amazing group of women! All couples getting married through the US are offered this opportunity. They can contact me or 07435090573 to find out more.”

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