Tribe’s Year 12 Leadership Track

Tribe partnered with JFS to deliver a Year 12 Leadership Track, which is designed to give the students a taste of what it’s like being Jewish in the workplace.

We heard from many great individuals in a number of professions throughout the year, including but not limited to Tony Bloom, the owner of Brighton Football Club, Simon Johnston, who is the Chairman of the Ruby Football League, Annette Kurer of Ark Consultants and Jo Grose the CEO of the United Synagogue.

Our track ended with a once in a lifetime trip to the Houses of Parliament, hosted by Lord Mann. This included a private tour of the House of Lords and a meeting in a committee room where we discussed Antisemitism on Campus, living a free Jewish life and many other interesting insights of Lord Mann.

Jacob Clement, a Year 12 participant from Borehamwood said: “It was a fun way to learn things that you wouldn’t learn usually – especially when we left the classroom and met with interesting leaders. A particular highlight of the track was volunteering with US Chesed pre-Purim at the United Synagogue Head Office.”

Joel Azulay, Tribe’s University & Sixth Form Programme Executive, said: “This year’s participants on our leadership track have learnt what it means to be a Jewish professional in the workplace and what it takes to make it up the chain. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated and gave their time to speak to our track and for their continued support.”

Rafi Kleiman, Tribe’s Projects Executive, said: “It has been a pleasure to be a part of this programme, I wait in eager anticipation as to what these wonderful students will contribute to our community.”

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