Recipes in Memory

“So that their flavour is not forgotten”

In the continuing shadow of 7th October and its aftermath, the United Synagogue have partnered with Matkon im Zikaron to launch a recipe in memory project. Each translated recipe is shared by the families of fallen soldiers and victims of terror, either a favourite or their signature dish.

We would love for you to replicate one of the recipes on this page and to read a little bit about the person who loved it to ensure that their flavour is not forgotten. You can add it to your Shabbat meal or during the week.

The strapline in Hebrew, K’she ha’taam shelahem lo yishcachu – ‘so that their flavour is not forgotten’ – has a double meaning. This refers to their favourite foods, but the Hebrew word ta’am can also mean ‘essence’. The personal stories on each recipe card enable us to remember more than just their names; we remember who they were and how they lived.

The full recipe booklet can be viewed and downloaded on this page, or keep scrolling to download individual recipe cards. Limited printed cards are also available upon request – please contact for more info.

We encourage those who want to make a recipe to post a photo on social media (tagging the United Synagogue and Matkon im Zikaron) with the hashtag #RecipesInMemory so that the bereaved families can feel the support.

Recipes in Memory

Click the booklet to view the recipes

The Recipes

Bar’s Homemade Bread (Bar Yankalov z’l)

Itai’s Olive Buns (Itai Yehuda z’l)

Liran’s Night Salad (Liran Almosniso z’l)

Tomer’s Vegetable Salad (Tomer Arava z’l)

Avichai’s Courgette Salad (Avichai Amsalem z’l)

Shai’s Stuffed Peppers (Shai Tremain z’l)

Yehuda’s ‘Rip on the Rip’ (Yehuda Kader z’l)

Shalev’s Meat Borekas (Shalev Zaltzman z’l)

Keshet’s Pasta Bolognaise (Keshet Kasruti Kalpa z’l)

Ofer’s Meatballs in sauce (Ofer Ron z’l)

Rotem’s Asado (Rotem Levi z’l)

Shimon’s Beet Kubbeh (dumplings) (Shimon Elroi Ben-Shitrit z’l)

Nahorai’s Moroccan Fish (Nahorai Said z’l)

Abba Rudy’s Gnocchi (Rudy Skrisovsky z’l)

Yishai’s Pizza (Yishai Fitusi z’l)

Gal’s Pasta (Gal Mishaluf z’l)

Roey’s Mac and Cheese (Roey Weizer z’l)

Yael’s Curbia Cookies (Yael Leibushor z’l)

Rotem’s Malabi (Rotem Doshi z’l)

Sahar’s Roselach (Sahar Saudin z’l)

Karin’s Chocolate Cake (Karin Vernikov z’l)

Roi’s Tiramisu (Roi Davie z’l)

Ben’s Jam Biscuits (Ben Rubenstein z’l)

Shalev’s Brownies (Shalev Tzion Sharabi z’l)

Adir’s Orange Cake (Adir Meir Avodi z’l)

Hadar’s Maple Cake (Hadar Rosenfeld-Berdichsky z’l)

Adi’s Bubble Cookies (Adi Danan z’l)

Ron’s Bavaria (Ron Shemer z’l)

Laurie’s Chocolate Soufflé (Laurie Vardi z’l)

Roi’s Apple Pie (Roi Biber z’l)

Liav’s Chocolate Halva Rolls (Liav Atiya z’l)

Yonatan’s Knafeh (Yonatan Mimon z’l)

Idan’s Soufflé (Idan Balui z’l)

Shai’s Crembo Cake (Shai Avras z’l)

Ronchik’s Chocolate Balls (Ron Yehudai z’l)

Dikla’s Jachnun (Dikla Arava z’l)

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