Kedoshim contains many mitzvot, a selection of which has been included here. We are commanded to revere our parents and to observe Shabbat. It is prohibited to worship and make idols. Temple offerings need to be eaten within their designated time. When harvesting one’s field or vineyard, certain produce needs to be left over for paupers to take free of charge. Stealing, making false oaths and lying are all prohibited. Hired workers must be paid on time. One may not place a stumbling block in front of a blind person.

A judge is not allowed to favour anyone in a court case. It is forbidden to harbour hatred or to seek revenge. You shall “love your fellow as yourself”. One is not allowed to plant a field with mixed seeds, nor wear clothes with a mixture of wool and linen.

Eating the fruit of a tree during the first three years of its growth is forbidden. In the tree’s fourth year, the fruit has to be eaten in Jerusalem. There is a mitzvah to stand up in the presence of a Torah scholar and an elderly person.

One must treat converts to Judaism with love and sensitivity. It is imperative to have accurate scales, weights and measures in order to deal honestly in business.

Cursing one’s parents is forbidden. The punishments for the forbidden relationships detailed in the 6th aliyah (Shishi) of Acharei Mot are listed.

The nation is warned not to follow in the ways of the nations who occupied the Land before its conquest. The Land of Israel is referred to as “flowing with milk and honey”. Keeping the laws of kashrut will enable us to remain a distinct and distinguished nation.

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