Yaakov sent angels to inform his brother Esav that he is returning home, after decades away. Yaakov’s message offered Esav the chance to make peace, while conveying Yaakov’s own strength. The angels returned, warning Yaakov that Esav was approaching with 400 men. Yaakov became afraid, divided his camp into two and prayed to God for survival.

Yaakov sent copious gifts to Esav, hoping to appease him. That night, Yaakov’s family crossed over the Yabok stream. While Yaakov was alone, he was attacked by ‘a man’, identified by the Midrash as the ministering angel of Esav. They wrestled until dawn. The ‘man’, unable to defeat Yaakov, dislocated Yaakov’s hip. The ‘man’ then told Yaakov that his name will later change to ‘Yisrael’ and blessed him.

As Esav approached, Yaakov bowed to him seven times. Esav embraced and kissed Yaakov, and they both wept. Each person in Yaakov’s family bowed to Esav. Yaakov urged Esav to accept the gifts that he had sent. Esav suggested that he and Yaakov travel together, but Yaakov politely declined. Esav departed for Seir and Yaakov travelled to Succot and then Shechem.

Dinah was captured and violated by Shechem the son of Chamor, ruler of the town. Shechem fell in love with Dinah and asked his father to secure her as his wife, whilst still holding Dinah captive. Yaakov’s sons were outraged. Chamor spoke to them, suggesting that their two families unite in marriage, offering them trade and land prospects. Shechem offered a large dowry for Dinah. Yaakov’s sons tricked Chamor and Shechem – they offered the Israelite girls only if all the town’s males were circumcised. Chamor and Shechem agree; all the men of the town circumcised themselves. Three days later, while they were in great pain, Shimon and Levi killed them all, took Dinah back and plundered the town. Yaakov rebuked them.

God appeared to Yaakov, telling him to go back to Beit El, where he originally built an altar when escaping from Esav. As the angel had previously foretold, God changed Yaakov’s name to Yisrael.

Rachel died whilst giving birth to Binyamin and was buried in Beit Lechem. Yitzchak died, aged 180. He was buried by Esav and Yaakov. Esav’s descendants are listed.

The Torah lists eight Edomite kings and their origins.

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