The final resting place of our loved ones deserves to be well cared for and maintained in a way that respects their memory. The United Synagogue offers a range of memorial maintenance services to keep your family graves clean and well-maintained.

Starting at just £97 per year, our plans provide a cost-effective way to ensure that your family memorials will remain in a dignified condition for a lifetime.

Our memorial maintenance plan includes:

  • Regular inspections ensuring time and nature have not damaged the memorial
  • Twice yearly cleaning to remove dirt, algae and lichen that can stain and damage an untended stone
  • Any memorial found to have subsidence will be rectified

Although normal wear and tear of masonry isn’t covered (for example when weathering brings an inscription to the end of its life), signing up to a memorial maintenance plan will not only slow this process down, but will also provide you with regular inspections that will alert you to any work needed before costs escalate.

Any memorial which is less than 18 months old, or is already in good condition can be added to a maintenance plan straight away. For older memorials, or those in a poorer condition, we will supply an estimate for any initial repairs (if required) to return the memorial to good condition.

Following each inspection, a photo can be provided on request. We currently provide this service for some 15,000 memorials, which are cleaned by a number of internal dedicated skilled stone masons.

2024 Pricing:

Single Memorial Double Memorial
Annual £97 £138
10 Year Plan £970 £1,380
20 Year Plan £1,940 £2,760
50 Year Jubilee Plan £4,850 £6,900

Many members choose to set up a Direct Debit for annual maintenance. This gives the reassurance that a memorial is being inspected and cleaned on a regular basis without the need for annual invoices.

Our extended care plans allow a one-off payment to cover the maintenance for a set number of years. The benefit of this is that the length of care is calculated based on the current annual rate and not subject to any increases in cost. If you would like to discuss booking a length of time that doesn’t appear here please call 020 8950 7767 (Option 2).

You can sign up or request an estimate for memorial maintenance by either clicking one of the buttons below, or by calling the Cemeteries Maintenance Department on 020 8950 7767 (Option 2).

If the gravestone is less than 18 months old then please click below to sign up immediately for a maintenance plan.

If the gravestone is older than 18 months, then please click below for a maintenance estimate.

If you have any questions about our memorial maintenance services please contact us on or call 020 8950 7767 (Option 2).

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