Welcome to Dorot, our ambitious environmental initiative.

In 2022 the Office of the Chief Rabbi and the United Synagogue launched Dorot, a comprehensive strategy to reduce our environmental impact.

Dorot means “generations” in Hebrew and comprises six projects, some of which we have completed.

  • We want to plant thousands of trees to sequester carbon dioxide from the air. The project began as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy project for the Queen’s Jubilee Celebration. Members have already bought more than 1,400 trees.
  • Another headline project has seen the phasing out of disposables from United Synagogue nurseries, shuls and offices, reducing the amount of plastic sent abroad by the UK where it is often dumped or burned. Nearly 60% of our communities are either plastic-free or completely disposables-free.
  • Unused United Synagogue cemetery land has been rewilded to encourage biodiversity and provide a home for wildlife.
  • We have investigated our investment portfolio from an environmental perspective to ensure it meets high environmental standards, using ESG and other relevant tools.
  • We’re going to make our travel greener, prioritising train travel wherever possible. We’ve also introduced an employee electric car leasing scheme alongside our existing cycling scheme.
  • Smart energy solutions are being introduced for synagogues, following an energy audit for each. We have already made considerable savings at Head Office and in a number of our communities.

To be part of our environmental journey, please contact Naomi Verber, our Head of Envrionmental Policy, via nverber@theus.org.uk.

The Dorot programme is proud to collaborate with EcoSynagogue to make impactful environmental change across our communities. Please click here to find out more about how our two organisations work together and how US shuls can join EcoSynagogue.

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