Sarah died aged 127, in Hebron. After eulogising Sarah, Avraham negotiated with the head of the local Hittites, Efron, in order to purchase a burial plot for Sarah, the Cave of Machpela. They agreed a price of 400 silver shekels.

Avraham buried Sarah. He then asked his servant Eliezer to seek a wife for his son Yitzchak, making him take an oath only to select a girl from Avraham’s birth town, Charan, rather than from Cana’an. Avraham also insisted that Yitzchak’s future bride must agree to leave her home to come to the Land of Cana’an (Israel).

Eliezer set out on his journey, with ten camels and presents from Avraham. When Eliezer arrived at a well, close to his destination, he prayed to God to show him a clear sign of the identity of Yitzchak’s future bride: the young lady who would offer water to Eliezer and his camels. As he finished his prayer, Rivkah appeared, drew water from the well and gave Eliezer to drink. She then drew water for all of his camels to drink. Eliezer gave her jewellery and asked her who she is. Rivkah related that she is the daughter of Betuel, Avraham’s nephew. She granted Eliezer his request for a place to sleep.

Rivkah runs home to tell her family what happened. On seeing Eliezer’s gifts to Rivkah, her brother Lavan ran out to greet him and welcomed him in. Eliezer introduced himself and recounted the story of his journey. He asked permission to take Rivkah as a wife for Yitzchak. Lavan and Betuel agree.

Eliezer gave more jewellery, as well as gold and silver vessels, to Rivkah. They ate and drank together, and Eliezer stayed overnight. The next morning, Lavan and his mother asked for Rivkah to stay with them longer before leaving. Eliezer is insistent and Rivkah agreed to go immediately. Rivkah met Yitzchak in the Negev, where he brought her into his mother Sarah’s tent.

Avraham marries Ketura, whom the Midrash identifies as Hagar. Their descendants are listed. Avraham died, aged 175. He was buried by Yitzchak and Yishmael, also in the Cave of Machpela, next to Sarah.

Yishmael’s descendants are listed. He died, aged 137.

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