Shortly after Avraham’s brit milah (circumcision), God appeared to him. Avraham greets three ‘men’ (in fact, angels) and serves them a fine meal. One of them tells Avraham that Sarah will have a baby boy in a year’s time. Sarah overhears and laughs in disbelief.

God revealed His plan to destroy the wicked city of Sedom. Avraham pleaded with God to spare the city, in the merit of any righteous people who might live there. However, there were not even ten righteous people living there.

Two of the men (angels) who visited Avraham arrive in Sedom to rescue Lot, Avraham’s nephew. Lot welcomed them into his house. The locals protested against Lot’s hospitality and tried to break down the door. Lot offered his daughters in return for the guests’ safety. God struck the townsfolk with blindness. The ‘men’ tell Lot to flee with his family.

God rained down sulphur and fire from the heavens, overturning Sedom and its neighbouring cities. Lot’s wife turned to look back at the destruction and became a pillar of salt. Lot bid in a cave with his two daughters. On consecutive nights, fearing that they are the last humans left, Lot’s daughters got him drunk and each conceived a child from him.

Avraham moved to Gerar in the Negev. The local ruler Avimelech took Sarah away, whom Avraham claimed is his sister. God appeared to Avimelech, warning him not to touch Sarah.

Sarah gave birth to Yitzchak who had a brit milah on his eighth day. Sarah saw the negative effect that Avraham’s wayward first son, Yishmael, could have on Yitzchak. She told Avraham to send away Yishmael and his mother Hagar. They travelled in the desert and Yishmael nearly died of thirst. An angel appeared, telling Hagar that a great nation will come from Yishmael. God opened Hagar’s eyes and she saw a well of water.

Avraham made a peace pact with Avimelech, establishing Avraham’s rights to the wells he had already dug.

God tells Avraham to bring Yitzchak as an offering. Avraham obeyed, showing his unconditional devotion to God, regardless of his logical understanding. As Avraham raised the knife, an angel appeared, telling him not to touch Yitzchak, presenting instead a ram to sacrifice. Avraham is praised for his faith. Avraham is told about the birth of Rivkah, Yitzchak’s future wife.

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